m e r o p e                                                                            
‘Naktės’ with Vilnius chamber choir ‘Jauna Muzika’ in Lithuania
December 27 - Kotryna Church, Vilnius
December 28 - Visaginas Cultural Center

Listen to Rototo together with the stream of life in the streets of Nagaur and Mumbai. Our new album is out June 27 on granvat!

New video ‘Naktės’:
a song from the upcoming album, inspired by an old Lithuanian lullaby about ‘a white swan who will bring baby’s name in her mouth’.
Sweet dreams for those who enjoy a long winter sleep.

New video made by the amazing animation artist Imge Özbilge. Thank you Imge!

Merope on their way to China!
Beijing Culture and Art Festival, October 2-4.
(artwork by Imge Ozbilge).

Listen to Merope concert in Rotterdam: