m e r o p e                                                                            

With most members hailing from countries other than Lithuania, it would be tricky to classify Merope as a Lithuanian band, however, as its music is largely centred around the singing and kanklės Lithuanian Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė, the collective is a prime example of Lithuanian folk influences finding a firm place in the worldwide ocean of experimental world sounds. Merope’s unique atmospheric aesthetic weaves together elements of electronic, ambient, indie and traditional music into a soundscape that is at once local and universal. It represents a very contemporary understanding of the shared roots of all musical creation, and promotes a pursuit of transcultural unity that escapes narrow-minded cultural seclusion. Aside from music, Merope also adresses other global concern such as the state of the ecosystem and our reliance on energy, for instance, they recorded their debut album in a natural setting in Spain using only solar power. This commitment to harmony in all its aspects makes their work deeply resonant in today’s international community in search of its roots.
Their third album 'Naktės' (nights) presents a world full of wonder, inspired by the precious atmosphere of the night. Naktės was only recorded during the hours of the deep night and brings you into higher realms. An ode to the night, full of splendor. 
For their fourth album 'Salos' (released by Stroom label) Merope were joined by Vilnius chamber choir 'Jauna Muzika' conducted by Vaclovas Augustinas, who also contributed some compositional works. 'Salos' is an otherworldly sonic archipelago of Lithuanian folk songs woven into original compositions.

‘It’s glowing, ethereal music; gossamer-fine, but swirling with emotional heft.’
The Wire, UK

‘Connecting lines instead of vanishing points - between ambient, chattering rhythms, voices interweaving and a form of folklore that is open on all sides. In short, it is an outstanding album. Friendly, humble, but undoubtedly visionary.’
HHV mag, Germany

‘Artists like Merope show us how to transform tradition in a modern laboratory of thought.
Salos envelops us with spring lightness, and here and there it covers us with intimate momentum.'

'Mystery and folk flow into the ocean of modern times.'
Nowamuzyka, Poland

"Album that is as delicate as it is deep: something very special indeed." Songlines, UK

"Naktės is a magnificent album, without fuss, without bowing to commerce. A very honest, warm and most of all heartwarming registration of what the trio can bring about. Consciousness-expanding music that has a lot from folk, but also with unworldly jazz and especially with adventure and freedom." P. De Cleen for Written in music, Belgium, The Netherlands

"Mystery and folk flow into the ocean of modern times - filled with ambient music, spiritualized jazz, improvisation or broadly defined electronics." Nowamuzyka, Poland

"A minimalistic folk variation reminiscent of some Björk compositions; Sounds partly like from another world, yet does not lose track of the Lithuanian folk melodies. Music for quiet hours." Global music magazine, Germany 

"Merope stretches where traditionalists narrow. With devotion and wisdom 'Naktės' is a homage to the night that unites us all." Amusio, Germany

"Sound research is linked to the connections between man and nature, so the approach is meditative, but far from the clichés of the new age." Musicmap, Italy

"The mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds is perfect in balance. The beauty and virtuosity embrace each other gently. The songs consist of layered melodies, which make a warm flood whose direction can change any moment. ‘Amaranthine’ is an album to feel relaxed with. " Gonzo, The Netherlands, Belgium

"Adding the sparkle of electronic details makes it different from the most world music bands sounds. It gives the music a luminous aura. " Rif Raf, Belgium

 "The music unfolds unhurriedly, as if mimicking the spreading out of leaves and flowers, and life without anxiety or rush.
When these artists come together, a free improvisation, active listening and subtle intervention into the musical ‘whole’ becomes their most organic way of functioning
. " Lithuanian Music Link

"Merope brings music where it is wonderful to get lost in. When the voice is there, she knows - like the music - how to enchant. We are fans! " Damusic, Belgium