m e r o p e                                                                            

Merope plays minimalistic Lithuanian folk melodies together with own compositions, textures of sound, subtle harmonies and polyrhythm, improvisations melted with electronic soundscapes.
Their first album "9 Days" (2012) was created solely with solar power and recorded in the open lands of southern Spain. With the second album ' Amaranthine' (2015) Merope dedicate the poetic textures and the sound of their inner journeys to the waters of the world. Their third album 'Naktės' (release April 2018) will be in a trio setting.

Merope's atmosphere gives life to a new ritual music of our modern time.

Merope toured in Spain, Holland, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, France, Portugal, Mexico, China and India.

'The mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds is perfect in balance. The beauty and virtuosity embrace each other gently. The songs consist of layered melodies, which make a warm flood whose direction can change any moment. ‘Amaranthine’ is an album to feel relaxed with.' Gonzo, The Netherlands, Belgium

'Adding the sparkle of electronic details makes it different from the most world music bands sounds. It gives the music a luminous aura.' Rif Raf, Belgium

'The music unfolds unhurriedly, as if mimicking the spreading out of leaves and flowers, and life without anxiety or rush.
When these artists come together, a free improvisation, active listening and subtle intervention into the musical ‘whole’ becomes their most organic way of functioning
.' - Lithuanian Music Link

'Merope brings music where it is wonderful to get lost in. When the voice is there, she knows - like the music - how to enchant. We are fans!' Damusic, Belgium