m e r o p e                                                                            
Naktės won the Klara award for the best Belgian world release.
Very happy and thankful!

Official Womex selection 2019,
Tampere, Finland, October 24-27

‘Naktės’ with Vilnius chamber choir ‘Jauna Muzika’ in Lithuania:
November 20 - Anykščiai, Lithuania.
November 22- Vilnius City Hall, Lithuania.
November 23 - Kauno tautos namai, Lithuania.

Listen to Rototo together with the stream of life in the streets of Nagaur and Mumbai. Our new album is out June 27 on granvat!

New video ‘Naktės’:
a song from the upcoming album, inspired by an old Lithuanian lullaby about ‘a white swan who will bring baby’s name in her mouth’.
Sweet dreams for those who enjoy a long winter sleep.

New video made by the amazing animation artist Imge Özbilge. Thank you Imge!

Merope on their way to China!
Beijing Culture and Art Festival, October 2-4.
(artwork by Imge Ozbilge).

Listen to Merope concert in Rotterdam:


April 25 2020 Ieper, Belgium + Širom.
April 23 2020 Bozar, Brussels, Belgium + Širom.
April 22 2020, Predikherenkert 30CC, Leuve, Belgium + Širom.
February 1 2020, Klara festival, De Singel, Antwerpen, Belgium.
November 23 2019 Kaunas, Lithuania, with Vilnius Chamber Choir ‘Jauna Muzika’.
November 22 2019 Vilnius, Lithuania, with Vilnius Chamber Choir ‘Jauna Muzika’.
November 20 2019 Anykščiai, Lithuania, with Vilnius Chamber Choir ‘Jauna Muzika
November 13 2019 De Studio, Antwerpen, Belgium.
October 26 2019 Womex, Tampere, Finland.
September 15 2019 Sounds from a Safe Harbour, Cork, Ireland.
August 2 2019 De Nor, Antwerpen, Belgium + Shahzad Ismaily.
May 26 2019 Haarlem, The Netherlands.
December 28 2018 Visaginas, Lithuania, together with Vilnius Chamber Choir Jauna Muzika.
December 27 2018 Kotryna Church, Vilnius, Lithuania, together with Vilnius Chamber Choir Jauna Muzika.
December 26 2018 Birštonas, Lithuania, together with Vilnius Chamber Choir Jauna Muzika.
November 17 2018 Bielefeld, Germany.
November 15 2018 London, UK.
November 11 2018 Table Dance, Antwerpen, Belgium.
November 10 2018 l’ An Vert, Liege, Belgium.
October 31 2018 Filmtage Lubeck, Germany.
October 26 2018 Nordic Nights, Hasselt, Belgium.
August 5 2018 Aspen’s Taco Tryptich, Roborst, Belgium.
July 25 2018 Petworth Festival, Easebourne Church, UK.
July 10 2018 Mama Studios, Vilnius, Lithuania.
July 8 2018 Nida, Lithuania.
July 7 2018 Juodkrantė, Lithuania.
July 5 2018 Klaipėda, Lithuania.
June 29 2018 Talking about Borders Festival, State Theater of Nuremberg, Germany.
June 23 2018 Everness Festival, Hungary.
May 17 2018 Volta, Brussels, Belgium.
May 16 2018 de Koer, Ghent, Belgium.
May 11 2018 Operadagen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
May 10 2018 Operadagen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
March 1 2018 Matrimandir Garden Amphitheater, Auroville, India.
February 24 2018 Baro, Lower Parel, Mumbai, India.
October 4 2017 DDC Music Club, Beijing, China.
October 2-4 2017 Beijing Art and Culture Festival, Beijing, China.
September 3 2017 Permeke Library, Antwerpen, Belgium.
August 11 2017 Kaunas VI Fort, Pažaislis Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania.
August 8 2017 St. Apostles Philip and Jacob Church (Dominican monastery), Vilnius, Lithuania.
August 5 2017 E. Jonušas Museum, Nida, Lithuania.
January 25 2017 Artisans’ Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, India.
October 15 2016 Dutch Harp Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
October 12 2016 De Studio, Antwerpen, Belgium.
April 30 2016, Soulmates session, Vrijstaat O., Oostende, Belgium.
April 21 2016 Kristal Klaar, De Markten, Brussels, Belgium.
April 14 2016 Rataplan, Antwerpen, Belgium.
February 2 2016 Auroville, Pondicherry, India.
January 7 2016 Auditorium de l'Alliance Française, Churchgate, Mumbai, India.
December 26 2015 Bflat, Bangalore, India.
December 24 2015 Tansen Music Festival, Gwalior, India.
November 29 2015 Herberg Macharius, Ghent, Belgium.
September 20 2015 Casa de Musica, Porto, Portugal.
September 19 2015 Auditorio Municipal de Gaia, Portugal.
September 17 2015 Camara Municipal do Porto, Portugal.
August 4 2015 Portonovo, Pontevedra, Galicia.
August 2 2015 Monasterio de Santa Cristina Ribas de Sil, Galicia.
May 2 2015 Music Club Ramybė, Palanga, Lithuania.
May 1 2015 VDU Concert Hall, Kaunas, Lithuania.
April 30 2015 Russian Drama Theater, Vilnius, Lithuania.
April 29 2015 Concert Hall Saulė, Šiauliai, Lithuania.
August 24 2014 Kristupas Summer Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania.
August 23 2014 Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival, Skinderiškis, Lithuania.
August 10 2014 Ancient Trance Festival, Leipzig, Germany.
April 20 2014 Mezrab, Amsterdam, Belgium.
April 17 2014 De Garage, Sint-Lievens Houtem, Belgium.
April 13 2014 Art Base, Brussels, Belgium.
April 12 2014 Rataplan, Antwerpen, Belgium.
April 11 2014 Kas Attenhoven, S’Hertogendijk, Belgium.
April 9 2014 Tinto, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
April 5 2014 CENART, Mexico City, Mexico.
April 4 2014 CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico.
April 3 2014 Foro la Mueca, Morelia, Mexico.
March 27 2014 Casa Luis Barragan, Mexico City, Mexico.
November 30 2013 Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
November 29 2013 De Badcuyp, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
November 28 2013 De Peper, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
November 23 2013 World Music Festival Lleida, Catalonia.
September 27 2013 Kaunas Architecture Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania.
September 26 2013 Galeria Urbana, Kaunas, Lithuania.
September 25 2013 Art Factory Loftas, Vilnius, Lithuania.
September 21 2013 Festival Suklegos, Kaunas, Lithuania.
September 20 2013 Birštonas Cultural Center, Birštonas, Lithuania.
September 12 2013 Kunsthumaniora, Brussels, Belgium.
May 25 2013 Huntenkunst, Ulft, The Netherlands.
November 2 2012 Korzo Theater, Den Haag, The Netherlands.
November 1 2012 Tropentheater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
October 28 2012 De Pletterij, Haarlem, The Netherlands.
October 27 2012 De X, Leiden, The Netherlands.
October 26 2012 Muziekhuis, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
October 24 2012 Theater Bouwkunde, Deventer, The Netherlands.

The 3rd album by MEROPE with own compositions and Lithuanian folk melodies.
A unique trio sound with a blend of
acoustic instruments, voice, el. guitar and electronics.
Naktės presents a world full of wonder, inspired by the atmosphere of the night.
Cover artwork by Avinash Veeraraghavan.

listen and order

In summer 2012 Merope gathered at the mountains in Andalucia, Spain. Outside in the nature under the open sky, they recorded and created/composed the music on 9 days solely with solar power.
9 days was the time for MEROPE to emerge as a band. 9 days for their music to be created in the beautiful mountains of Sierra Nevada.

LISTEN to the full album:



In autumn 2015 after a period of touring Merope gathered in south of Spain again. This time they had a lot of fun recording in a studio environment.
With this second album Amaranthine MEROPE dedicates the poetic textures and the sound of their inner journeys to the waters of the world.

LISTEN to the full album:


the alternation of clouds and rain.
As earth and heaven spin,
light to dark and back again,
let nature take the lead.
Within us all,
with many voices it has but one beautiful song.
Though we are not bound we are always connected.

(inspired by Laoshi Loy)




o kas sodely pamigo
aleliumai rūtela pamigo
laputė sodely pamigo
aleliumai rūtela pamigo

Listen to Merope concert in Rotterdam.
Sample by Lithuanian singer Petras Zalanskas (1900-1980) -
one of the greatest singers and story tellers.